20th Century Cars


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The Pocket 20th Century Car Design is be a must for all motoring fanatics, from Sunday drivers to the most dedicated grease monkeys. The automobile, once firmly the preserve of the wealthy, became an integral part of everyday life during the 20th century. Now the greatest of these classic models have been brought together in Pocket 20th Century Car Design a lavish and comprehensive celebration of nearly 400 of the most significant automobiles in motoring history. Illustrated throughout with colour and black-and-white photographs, cars from every important marque - from dream Ferraris and Lamborghinis, through workaday Fords and Vauxhalls, to the humble Trabant and Morris Minor - are shown in all of their glory. This updated edition contains profiles of 15 new models - such as the new edition MINI- taking in the cream of motoring imagination, craft and ingenuity at the dawn of the 21st century.



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