BMW M3 E30 1986-1991 17970 Emotions - Sport Evolution Edition


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  • ISBN: 9783981160222
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  • Binding: SC
  • Pages: 458
  • Imprint: UNKNOWN
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  • ID - 73966


A masterpiece of automotive book culture, with a tribute to the most successful touring car of all time: the M3 E30. A book that have never been on the market in this way. 458 pages on a vehicle that was born in 1983 in an idea and in three years, matured into a potential athlete.

The documentary begins in the early 80s, when the M3 was configured only in thought.

The personal contacts with Paul Rosche, Helmut Himmel and Gerhard Richter allowed access to information that has not yet received a journalist. Even the smallest detail in this book is the development of complete motor and richly illustrated and described as able to do only pure enthusiasts



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