Buick 1946-1947 Repair Shop Manual Supplement Reprint

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This is a reprint of the supplement that a Buick dealer mechanic would use to perform service on your car. You will find step-by-step instructions on frame & bumpers, suspension, rear axle, brakes, engine, transmission, universal joint, fuel tank, exhaust system, wheels & tires, sheet metal, electrical, radio, radiator, accessories, and lubrication. Also, lots of clear black and white pictures, illustrations, wiring diagrams and specifications clarify the instructions. This book covers all 1946 and 1947 Buicks (because the 1947 models were so similar to '46, Buick never made a manual, they just continued to use the 1946 book), including Special, 40, Super, 50, and Roadmaster 70.

This book contains supplemental information on those features to æ46 and '47 Buick -- the supplement will refer you back to the 1942 Buick Shop Manual for much of the information. For complete repair instructions, use this manual in conjunction with the 1942 Buick shop manual.



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