Building Budget Brits Practical Guide for Refurbishing BSA and Triumph Unit Twins


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This enjoyable, engagingly readable book provides a detailed road map for rebuilding and restoring unit-construction Triumph and BSA twins without having to mortgage your house. The book is organized just as you would a rebuilding project, starting with selecting a bike to work on and finishing with bringing all the pieces together to ride. It contains the practical, down-to-earth information you wish the factory manuals had, but don't. Brown passes along the tips, shortcuts, and money-saving advice he has acquired over a span of 20 years working with British motorcycles. As an amateur builder himself, he understands that you may not have the expensive tools and equipment found in professional shops. Yet, Brown offers practical, clever ways to get the job done without spending a fortune. Every aspect of refurbishing unit-construction British twins is covered: engine work, transmissions, frame repairs, shocks and forks, brakes, tanks, and those pesky Amal carbs and Lucas electrical systems. The book also helps you choose a bike to buy, including how to spot bogus serial numbers and avoid stolen goods. The chapter on selecting a bike can itself save the cost of this book many times over. In addition, Brown offers many time-saving and money-saving suggestions that can save you lots of money without sacrificing quality. Whether you want to build a concurs quality restoration or simply put a good-looking, reliable British bike on the road, you will find plenty of helpful information in this book, much of which is not found in any other book or manual on British bikes. Best of all, the author applies his master's degree in education and his broad experience turning wrenches to provide entertaining and easily understandable instructions.



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