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  • Publ Date: 2005-08-09
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The Lockheed C-130 Hercules transport is one of the most successful aircraft ever built. A true æWorkhorse of the Skies', it first flew in April 1955 and looks set to continue in frontline service well into the 21st Century. Over sixty different countries have flown the æHerc', and it has been adapted to serve in many different capacities. This detailed profile looks at the A-H Variants, and many of the different roles the Hercules have been adapted to meet. Included is coverage of RC-130s on drone-launching operations, MC-130s with their airborne recovery systems, WC-130 æHurricane Hunters' , US Coastguard HC-130s and the odd-looking British C2 Weather Plane. There's also astounding footage of the Hercules making a landing on an aircraft carrier, at the South pole on Skis and using dramatic jet-assisted take-offs. The C-130's finest hour probably came during the Vietnam War and there is extensive coverage of the aircraft in its varying roles in-country, from troop transport to Khe Sanh re-supplies to medivac ops. In perhaps its most dramatic role, there is also detailed coverage of the AC-130 Spectre Gunship version, with air-to-air combat film, interior film and even gun camera footage of a Spectre taking out NVA cargo bases and tank formations. Packed with rare colour film and interviews with Hercules pilots and crew, C-130 Hercules captures this legendary aircraft in all its glory.



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