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  • Publ Date: 2012-04-30
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'Vintage reborn' is the theme of Cafe Racer, a 13-episode television series that explores the craft and lifestyle of a motorcycle subculture. In the popular TV series, 11 motorcycle builders spread between Manhattan and Los Angeles salvage, cut grind and weld their own cafe customs while keeping in mind the movement's post-war British roots.

With Billy Joel and Jason Lee guest starring and motorcycle icons Ben and Eric Bostrom as test riders of these two-wheeled classics, season one of Cafe Racers pulls the forgotten machines of this lost culture out of barns and junkyards and on to the roads of the 21st century.

òEpisode 1 û Revisit the origins of the fast, customised street bike through eyewitness accounts of the Rockers and ton-up boys themselves. CafÚ Racer visits Mark Wilsmore of Ace CafÚ, London, for some historical perspective on the early days of the scene, complete with rare, historical footage from the 1950s and æ60s. Veterans of the mods and rockers dust-ups from British beaches tell their tales; CafÚ Racer gears up for a look down the road at the coming trends, machines, events and builders keeping the ton-up tradition alive today.

òEpisode 2 û Join Largo, FloridaÆs Dime City Cycles in their search for the perfect project bike in a junkyard bristling with two-wheeled treasures; Brian Richardson, a sheep farmer and country lawyer from the wilds of Bluegrass, Virginia, launches his quest to build the worldÆs first electric-powered Norton cafÚ racer; Dallas does it up big with their annual Mods and Rockers rally while music legend Billy Joel rides with CafÚ Racer and recalls some of his favourite fast bikes.

òEpisode 3 û Meet J&B Moto Co., a cafÚ emporium located in the heart of Harley-Davidson country; FloridaÆs Dime City Cycles tear into their project bike to find some good, and bad, surprises; After 35 years in the red, EnglandÆs Norton Motorcycles make a comeback and invite CafÚ Racer to test the new 961 Commando; Virginia farmer Brian Richardson faces off against some of the big guns in road racing on his barn-built Norton Electra, zero-emissions cafÚ racer.

òEpisode 4 û CafÚ Racer travels to the cornfields of Davenport, Iowa, where former chopper builder Greg Hageman unearths a project bike in his familyÆs barn; York, PennsylvaniaÆs J&B Moto Co. attempt to build a cafÚ racer version of the worldÆs most famous road racing motorcycle; CafÚ Racer magazine road tester Blake Kelly moves from illegal to legit as he switches careers from stunt rider to road racer; Dime City Cycles complete their project bike and hand it over for testing to a classic road racer.

òEpisode 5 û CafÚ Racer makes a visit to the annual Mods VS Rockers rally in Chicago, the nationÆs longest-running cafÚ event; Davenport, Iowa, builder Greg ôDocÆs Chopsö Hageman completes the rebuild of his barn-find Honda CX 500 V-twin while we meet Long Beach CaliforniaÆs Jay LaRossa, a former hot rod car designer whose turned his attention to Japanese cafÚ bikes from the 1970s; meanwhile, the crew from PennsylvaniaÆs J&B Moto Co. hand their Yamaha XS 650 monoshock custom over the pro-road racers Eric and Ben Bostrom for a high-speed test ride.

òEpisode 6 û We meet Yoshi Kosaka of CaliforniaÆs Garage Company as he sets out to build a 1965 Triumph motorcycle in Los Angeles; across the Golden State, Jay LaRossa tears into a Yamaha SR 500 single, making the machine a thing of speed and beauty; not to be outdone is Greg Hageman who sits back to watch as Ton-Up Chicago founder Larry Fletcher tries to coax the ton from GregÆs CX 500 Honda.

òEpisode 7 û The CafÚ Racer crew packs its bags and travels to LondonÆs Lewis Leathers, the worldÆs oldest motorcycle gear manufacturer; Alan Bernard of FloridaÆs Santiago Choppers switches from choppers to ton-up machines as he sets out to build a wicked, Kawasaki custom. At Garage Company, Japanese expat Yoshi KosakaÆs team shows us speed and efficiency as they reconstruct their Rickman-Triumph special and itÆs test and tune time for Long Beach custom king Jay LaRossa and his Yamaha SR 500 single when it runs head on into the Boz Brothers in the California canyons.

òEpisode 8 û If you dig cafÚ bikes that are raw, gritty and quick, New YorkÆs 6th Street Specials is the place to be this week as owner Hugh Mackie searches for parts to build a vintage BSA twin; Sparks fly and all the rules get broken as Santiago Choppers wades into their Martin-chassis Kawasaki 1000; ôMy Name is Earlö and ôMemphis Bluesö star Jason Lee visits Lossa Engineering in Long Beach to check out what may be his next custom cafÚ ride and Garage CompanyÆs Yoshi Kosaka shares his Rickman special with the Bostrom Brothers in his final test ride.

òEpisode 9 û New YorkÆs XPO Streetfighter show the historic links between futuristic streetfighters and cafÚ racers as they start a 919 Honda project bike; In ManhattanÆs Lower east Side, 6th Street SpecialsÆ Hugh Mackie and tuner Fumi start rebuilding a 1958 BSA twin; The best of AmericaÆs custom streetbikes is profiled in the second instalment of CafÚ A La carte and FloridaÆs Santiago Choppers places their Martin-frame Kawasaki 1000 in the hands of rockabilly motorheads the Psycho Devilles for a full-speed test.

òEpisode 10 û In Chicago, the husband and wife team of Chad and Bee McDade begin a Norton Commando project with lots of hidden surprises; XPO Streetfighter brings in its best technicians to transform their 919 Honda naked roadster into a CafÚ-Fighter; We point our cameras towards Milwaukee for the annual Rockerbox street festival where the cafÚ racer is king; New YorkÆs 6th Street Specials test their BSA cafÚ racer on the road with a test riders too young to remember when motorcycles had kick-starters.

òEpisode 11 û DelawareÆs Loaded Gun Customs turn their gaze from custom hot rods and drift cars to a Triton cafÚ bike; Ace Motorcycle and Scooter begin rebuilding their 1970s Norton Commando in Chicago; Meet legendary Vincent tuner ôBig Sidö Biberman, AmericaÆs foremost expert on making British V-Twins go fast; Pro-road racers Eric and Ben Bostrom pit their skills against XPO StreetfighterÆs 110-horsepower Honda 919 CafÚ-Fighter. CafÚ racers; Sid Biberman, an 80-year-old motorcycle customiser is interviewed. LAÆs Garage Company has their motorcycle put to the test.

òEpisode 12 ûLoaded Gun Customs finds that building custom Triton cafÚ bikes may be the hardest job for their hot rod shop so far; aAfter watching the best custom cafÚ builders in the world creating one of a kind, motorcycles, can two unskilled riders do the same for just $1,000 and in under 12 hours? Join CafÚ Racer at the AMAÆs Vintage Motorcycle Days swap meet to find out; Norman Hyde is EnglandÆs most famous motorcycle drag racer and now heÆs created the Hyde Harrier Jubilee, a customized, modern Triumph Bonneville with some serious performance; ChicagoÆs Ace Motorcycle and Scooter race to complete their Norton Commando project bike in time for the CafÚ Racer crewÆs test ride. Now, if only Mother Nature would play alongà.

òEpisode 13 û The crew at DelawareÆs Loaded Gun Customs hands their Triton hybrid bike over to pro-road racers Ben and Eric Bostrom to see whether the combination of Norton handling and Triumph power still holds up to the legend. While the clock ticks down the remaining hours of their Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days challenge build, Ben Freidman and Mike Seate try and make their custom cafÚ racers a reality for just under $1,000; and we head back to Oyster Bay, Long Island, to catch up with cafÚ racing Piano Man Billy Joel as he joins us for a ride.



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