Car Design Yearbook 6 2007 The Definitive Annual Guide To All New Concept And Production Cars Worldwide


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This brand new title in the definitive "Car Design Yearbook" series features all the new cars launched worldwide from April 2006 to March 2007. Also included are profiles of the industry's leading designers, a full technical glossary and a list of all the motor shows in the year ahead. For the sixth yearbook, Stephen Newbury also considers 'ecologically friendly' developments in how cars function, and explores the importance of glass in contemporary vehicle design, including photovoltaic glass, glass bending capabilities and UV reflection characteristics. "The Car Design Yearbook" remains the only annual reference available to all the latest trends in car design worldwide. It features over 120 cars, clearly organized A-Z, from mass-market brands to high-performance models. Over 550 stunning photographs and original renderings show exterior and interior styling, engine layouts and significant details. It includes key performance and technical data provided for each car, plus a review of the car's main stylistic features and innovations. It offers a unique and detailed reference for all car and design enthusiasts.



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