Encyclopedia Of Italian Coachbuilders 2 Volume Set


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  • ISBN: 9788896796436
  • Author:
  • Publ Date: 2017-02-15
  • Edition:
  • Binding: SC
  • Pages: 664
  • Imprint: UNKNOWN
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Italian coachbuilding is something unique in the world. Amazing cars, a lively creativity and a manufacturing skill that are impossible to find elsewhere and a incredibly high number of companies and professionals contributed to write a story that is being lasting for more than a century. This book, the result of an accurate research that required years of work, for the first time approaches all the protagonists of this very interesting story with historiographic scrupulousness and a scientific method. In fact, behind the most famous names, there are hundreds more companies, workshops, craftsmen, designers that allowed such a huge system to develop.

The author and his collaborators have been able to list slightly less than one thousand different names, the wide part of which were completely forgotten and are re-discovered for the first time. Also, the text is introduced by a foreword by famous car designer Leonardo Fioravani and a preface by Umberto Eco. This work, made by two large-size volumes, features an impressive more-thanthree-thousand pictures and will be the definitive reference for any enthusiast and historian of cars styling and Italian fuoriseries. The quality of the books is as high as the contents, with a refined edition printed on heavy coated paper and bound with a hard cover in metallic paper.



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