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  • ISBN: 9781845845285
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  • Publ Date: 2015-03-15
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  • Binding: HardBack
  • Pages: 352
  • Imprint: VELOCE PUBS
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The names 'Keith Duckworth' and 'DFV' are practically synonymous, such is the reputation of the famous F1 racing engine which he designed. Whilst there are books covering the technical aspects of the DFV engine, and other designs from Cosworth, the company which he founded with Mike Costin, there are many gaps in the story of Duckworth's career, before and after Cosworth. This book comprehensively fills those gaps, taking the reader into the world of Britain's finest 20th century engineers. It was a world consisting of far more than motorsport, embracing an astonishing variety of mechnical devices, including aircraft, boats, and motorcycles - particularly Triumph, for whom he was a consultant during his retirement. A man of strong convictions and high integrity, Duckworth cared passionately about his work, fitting almost every aspect of his life around it. His northern industrial roots, the ups and downs of his personal life, his health problems, and his generous support of charities and business start-ups, combine to create the story of one of motorsport's - and engineering's - most endearing and enduring characters.

"[A] superb read ... A wonderful insight into a much-missed man. Highly recommended.", Classic & Sports Car (UK)

"there is much, much more within the covers that the bookÆs compact dimensions imply ... Worthwhile, in a word.", Motor Sport

"The complete life of a motor sport great, interspersed with his wit and wisdom; it certainly invoked plenty of belly laughs. Definitive.", Thoroughbred & Classic Cars



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