Gelignite Jack Murray: An Aussie Larrikin Legend


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  • ISBN: 9781742579788
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  • Publ Date: 2017-06-01
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  • Binding: PaperBack
  • Pages: 320
  • Imprint: NEW HOLLAND
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At the mere mention of the name æGeligniteÆ Jack Murray, any Australian from the Baby Boomer era or older canÆt help but to crack a smile. Murray was best known as the rally driver who in 1954 won the REDEX Round Australia Reliability Trial without the loss of a single point; but JackÆs sporting interests and achievements were eclectic and far-ranging. In his own words, at different times throughout his life he was æengaged in various sports with various successesÆ: cycling; VFL schoolboy football; stock car racing; hill climbing motor races; circuit car racing; car endurance events; Australian and NSW Grand Prix racing; international and Australian rally driving; wrestling; boxing; crocodile, kangaroo and buffalo hunting; ocean boat racing and waterskiingùto name most, but not all. Oh yesùJack even raced a bathtub once, plug in. Jack Murray died in 1983. Encounters with those who met him, knew him and loved him now grow fewer and fewer, as the years pass and the Reliability Trials of the 1950s drift into Australian history and folklore. JackÆs personal and nonpublic life, showing the man behind the derring-do, has never been fully explored or written about. Here for the first time is MurrayÆs full story as told by his son Phil Murray. Son of the legendary æGeligniteÆ Jack Murray, Phil has inherited his fatherÆs genes when it comes to adventure, seeking personal challenges and embracing all life has to offer. Just as his father did, Phil believes life is best lived following some pretty simple instructions: æDonÆt take yourself too seriouslyÆ. Thus Phil is the perfect person to display to the world a man whom many thought they knew, but who was much more complicated and talented than his racing exploits would lead us to believe.



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