How To Digitally Photograph Cars


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The introduction of the digital camera brought about one of the biggest changes in the photography industry. Film slowly began to fade away, and with it, many of its antiquated styles and procedures. Digital photography was further revolutionized in 1991 with the release of the first digital SLR. Coincidentally, one year prior, in 1990, Adobe released the groundbreaking photo-editing software Photoshop. Fast forward to present day and it is obvious that the digital SLR market has exploded, with manufacturers fine-tuning their technology and making them affordable to everyone.

How to Digitally Photograph Cars is a how-to book on digitally photographing a vehicle the professional way, with techniques and secrets from professional photographers. It features in-depth, post-processing procedures and teaches you how to achieve professional-quality photographs.

This book includes tips on panning, car-to-car motion, shooting engine bays, using an automotive rig, controlling lighting, and more. The book even has strategies for selling your finished work to automotive publications. It also offers extensive information on using Photoshop for post processing your automotive images, including Photoshop's essential tools, contrast and color adjustments, working with RAW files, layers and multi-layering, dropping backgrounds, clipping photos together, filters, resizing, and more.



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