How To Keep Your Muscle Car Alive


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  • ISBN: 9780760335468
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  • Publ Date: 2009-02-24
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  • Binding: PaperBack
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  • Imprint: MOTORBOOKS
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Muscle cars are some of the hottest collector cars on the market, and for the first time there is now a complete guide to keeping these powerful machines on the road, where they belong. With clearly outlined and illustrated information on all major systems - suspension, steering, brakes, wheels, transmission, tires, engines, cooling, exhaust, fuel, ignition and electrical systems, rear axle and driveshaft, accessories, bodywork, interiors, upholstery - this shows how anyone with a modicum of mechanical skill can do the maintenance and repairs necessary to keep their muscle car alive. In this title, all projects are shown step-by-step and fully illustrated.


"This book lays out the steps for keeping a muscle car on the road, where it belongs, with clearly illustrated directions for maintaining and repairing all major systems." -

Author Biography:

Harvey White has owned and driven muscle cars since 1968 on a daily basis. His work draws on his experiences, and his ownership of an automotive service shop that specializes in wiring, fuel injection, and carburetion - a lifetime of professional work to keep Muscle cars alive.



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