How To Modify Your Metric Cruiser

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The comprehensive resource for enhancing these popular motorcycles. Cruiser motorcycles account for more than 60 percent of the U.S. street bike market, and cruiser sales are increasing annually. Every cruiser sold is modified - period. The changes might be purely cosmetic (such as the addition of chrome, custom paint, and touring equipment), or they might improve performance (after-market exhaust, engine mods, brake upgrades). Modifications are made to virtually every cruiser that rolls out of a dealership. Many of the owners of metric cruisers - the term used to describe cruisers that don't use Harley-style engines - are new to motorcycling or getting back into the sport after a hiatus, and this book helps educate them on the modification possibilities, do's and don'ts on selecting equipment, and installation techniques. This book covers everything a metric cruiser owner needs to know, including basic tools, basic maintenance, intake and exhaust, suspension and chassis, engine mods, transmission, electrical system tips, and customizing recommendations.



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