Illustrated Directory of Greatest American Cars


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  • ISBN: 9780785829324
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  • Binding: HardBack
  • Pages: 512
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The Illustrated Directory series provide enthusiasts with an attractive, comprehensive hardcover reference book packed with timelines, historical facts and images designed to inform and excite. The Illustrated Directory of Greatest American Cars chronicles the greatest love story in history: the love affair between Americans and their cars.

This volume tells the story of one of the true American epics, the rise of the automobile industry. Decade by decade, this book discusses 250 milestone models that exemplify the ebb and flow of style and utility. It catalogs big cars, small cars, beautiful cars, eccentric and practical cars. The beautifully formatted full-color book features ephemeral cars that were the fleeting essence of their time, alongside more durable models that have developed over decades.

The Illustrated Directory of Greatest American Cars is a record of the fantastic creativity and determination that has driven American car design and technology for over a century. The story reflects American history itself over the last 105 years, and anticipates exciting models yet to be launched.



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