Introduction to Automotive Service


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  • ISBN: 9780132540087
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  • Publ Date: 2012-03-01
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  • Binding: PaperBack
  • Pages: 456
  • Imprint: PRENTICE HALL
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Table of Contents :

Chapter 1: Automotive Background and Overview Chapter 2: Careers in the Automotive Service Industry Chapter 3: Starting a Career in the Automotive Industry Chapter 4: Working as a Professional Service Technician Chapter 5: Technician Certification Chapter 6: Shop Safety Chapter 7: Environmental and Hazardous Chapter 8: Fasteners and Thread Repair Chapter 9: Hand Tools Chapter 10: Power Tools and Shop Equipment Chapter 11: Measuring Systems and Tools Chapter 12: Vehicle Service Information, Identification, and Routine Maintenance Chapter 13: Vehicle Identification and Emission Ratings Chapter 14: Gasoline Engine Operation Chapter 15: Diesel Engine Operation Chapter 16: Engine Lubrication and Cooling Systems Chapter 17: Under Hood Inspection Chapter 18: Vehicle Lifting and Hoisting Chapter 19: Lube, Oil, and Filter Service Chapter 20: Electrical Fundamentals Chapter 21: Electrical Circuits Chapter 22: Circuit Testers and Digital Meters Chapter 23: Starting and Charging Systems Chapter 24: Dash Warning Lights and Driver Information Systems Chapter 25: Lighting System Inspection Chapter 26: Safety Belts and Airbag Systems Chapter 27: Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Chapter 28: Gasoline and Alternative Fuels Chapter 29: Computers and Sensors Chapter 30: Ignition System Chapter 31: Fuel Injection Systems Chapter 32: Emission Control Devices Chapter 33: Hybrid Electric Vehicles Chapter 34: Scan Tools and Diagnostic Procedures Chapter 35: Tires and Wheels Chapter 36: Brakes and Antilock Braking Systems Chapter 37: Suspension and Steering Systems Chapter 38: Manual Transmissions/Transaxles Chapter 39: Automatic Transmission/Transaxles Chapter 40: Used Vehicle and Pre-Delivery Inspection


Introduction to Automotive Service covers all eight areas of automotive service, plus the soft skills and tool knowledge that you must know when seeking entry-level employment. The text presents all systems together, making it easier for you to see how automotive systems are intertwined and connected. The text's 40 short chapters divide the content into individual topics to make it easier for you to learn and master the material. Offering a solid foundation in the basics, this text uniquely addresses simple inspection and service procedures without being overwhelming.



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