James Allen on F1 2011 - Vettel Steals The Show


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  • ISBN: 9780956418722
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  • Publ Date: 2011-12-12
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  • Pages: 246
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A close up look at the action, both on and off the track, during a highly charged Formula 1 season.

This is a collection of the best writing from the groundbreaking website of leading F1 commentator James Alien. It tells the story of the season, with a mixture of original posts from the site and extensive new content. It offers an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the events and races that shaped the year:

+ How Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull managed to dominate the season

+ Why Button shone as Hamilton suffered a painful dip in form

+ How the new DRS wings and Pirelli tyres led to over 600 overtakes

+ The background to SKY`s controversial acquisition of the UK TV rights

+ How the Senna movie won over fans and broke records

+ Anguish for Robert Kubica, sidelined by a horrific accident

Although Formula 1 is dominated by machines it is at heart a people business and with over 20 years as an insider, Alien is a reliable guide to the actions and motives of the cast of characters that make up the F1 paddock. With a foreword by Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner, this book thought-provoking, perceptive and brings F1 fans closer to the sport.



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