Jeep Off-Road Calendar 2013


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  • ISBN: 9780760343111
  • Author:
  • Publ Date: 2012-07-15
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  • Binding: CL
  • Pages: 24
  • Imprint: MOTORBOOKS
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  • ID - 65444


The Jeep Off-Road calendar returns in 2013 with exciting new photography from "Four Wheeler" magazine's Ken Brubaker. Images showcase Jeep© vehicles splashing across rivers, playing in the mud, climbing over big rocks, and tearing up snowy paths. Capturing the essence of off-road adventures in breathtaking landscapes, Brubaker's photography displays the true rock-crawling, mud-flinging, snow-scampering abilities of Jeep© vehicles. Detailed captions provide the nitty-gritty on models, modifications, and trail locations.



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