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This is a unique look at one of the most famous car companies in the world. This dvd provides unparalleled access to not only the factory but to Morgan historians and owners, as well as their their cars.

The film contains interviews with CEO Charles Morgan and racing driver, and Morgan engineer, Chris Lawrence, Class winner at Le Mans ,1962. Ten Morgan models are examined in depth with film crews travelling the length and breadth of the united kingdom to secure unique footage of these important cars, as well as nterviews with their owners (including noted racers and historians).

A selection of important Morgan models are featured, including the 1927 3 Wheeler Family model, 3 wheeler Sport, 4-4 1938 Le Mans Replica, +4 Sports Two Seater, +4+, + 8, Aero 8, and AeroMax, as well as the futuristic Hydrogen fuel based Lifecar. With glorious photography, from an award winning production team,

this is an audio visual tour de force of all things Morgan.

Experience the unique joy of a front seat drive, in a selection

of important cars, complete with jaw-juddering engine

sounds and fantastically photogenic backdrops.




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