Peter Collins All About the Boy


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Peter Collins was one of the British 'golden boys' of motor racing in the 1950s. He, Stirling Moss and Mike Hawthorn epitomized the ideal adventuresome racing driver of the post-war period.

They were all distinctly different characters. Moss was the consummate professional, very serious about his motor racing. Hawthorn was an ebullient and sometimes raucous personality. Peter Collins was, perhaps, the slightly more enigmatic of the trio. Like the other two, he had a strong willed father, and a lot of energy went into being his own person. He found motor cars and motor racing early in life, and threw himself into competition at age 17. On the outside was a seemingly carefree, happy-go-lucky young man, and inside, a fiercely competitive racing driver trying to get out.

Collins' attitude and boyish good looks had many referring to him as 'the boy', a nickname that rather stuck. He had three hard and fruitful years in 500c.c. racing, learning his trade in the same cut and thrust arena with Stirling Moss. He was only 21 when he became a Grand Prix driver for H.W.M. and in the same year started a five-year relationship with Aston Martin in sports cars before finally moving to Ferrari.

In spite of the seemingly carefree attitude, there was more complexity to Peter Collins than met the eye. Ed McDonough talked to some who knew him, and there were not many who knew him well. He also spells out the whole racing career, searching for the motivation and drive that propelled this charming young man on.



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