Remember Those Great Volkswagen Ads?


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  • ISBN: 9781905641031
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  • Publ Date: 2008-10-28
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  • Binding: HardBack
  • Pages: 216
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In 1959 Volkswagen appointed Doyle Dane Bernbach, the New York advertising agency, to handle their account in the United States. The advertisements they produced changed the face of advertising. Not just in America but across the world. A fact confirmed by the appearance of the cover ad 'Lemon' in Episode 3 of the first series of the hit TV show MAD MEN which also sees Don Draper and Co discussing the campaign's merits. Office boys read them aloud by the water cooler. College kids recited them at campus parties. They were the marketing conversation piece of the sixties. To let the Beetle and its advertising pass on without a permanent record seemed a crying shame. For surely, no car was ever more loved, no advertising more admired. In a way the two became indivisible. The charming honest advertising became part of the charm and honesty of the car. "Remember those great Volkswagen Ads?"A looks briefly at the birth of the car, as well as the campaign. And features over 250 of the award winning press advertisements and TV commercials that DDB produced. The ads went on to make VW's Beetle a bestseller and have done a similar job for this book.

All three earlier editions sold out and copies became something of a collectors' item. This new edition includes additional archive material, including photographs of the key players.This beautifully produced hardback contains 216 pages, almost 50 of them in colour, featuring more than 300 illustrations. It has become essential reading for advertising practioners and car buffs everywhere. If you've ever owned a Beetle, if you've ever chuckled at a Volkswagen advertisement, or if you simply appreciate wit and style, you'll enjoy this book. It's the tale of an ugly duckling that became an office pin up.



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