Speed Merchants - Frame By Frame The 70s And 80s


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  • ISBN: 9780976039280
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  • Binding: HardBack
  • Pages: 364
  • Imprint: UNKNOWN
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Captures the excitement of what is acknowledged as a classic era in motorsport. The 346 pages contain 975 color and 71 black & white photographs-organized by marque-with brief captions identifying the car, drivers, year the car raced, and the track. It reflects the essence of road racing during two decades, from the World Manufacturer's Championship, to the SCCA Can-Am and Trans-Am, to the IMSA Camel GT Challenge, Formula 1 and Formula 5000. Almost every make of car that took part in these races during this time is represented, making The Speed Merchants-Frame By Frame-The 70s & 80s, a must for both the casual and serious motorsport enthusiast.



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