XJ13 - The Definitive Story Of The Jaguar Le Mans Car And The V12 Engine That Powered It


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This book tells the inside story of Jaguar`s fabulous Le Mans prototype - gloriously shaped by Malcolm Sayer and arguably the world`s most famous race car never to have turned a wheel in competition!

In some 300 pages and 600 illustrations, every aspect of XJ13`s origins, design, build and testing is covered by author Peter D. Wilson, an engineer working in Jaguar`s competition department in period who helped build the car. The book also gives the first-ever detailed account of the fantastic 5.0 litre four-cam V12 engine which powered XJ13 (and which was intended to power Jaguar road cars too). Not only does Peter have personal knowledge of XJ13, he also interviewed key people in the story. Then retired engine men George Buck, Jim Eastick and Frank Philpott, who developed the four-cam engine on the test-bed, also contributed their knowledge and helped Peter assess the significance of the many test reports which have been analysed for the book. These and large quantity of other key documents came to light during the hundreds of hours Peter spent researching in the Jaguar Heritage archives at Browns Lane, and a number of them are reproduced in full. The book also explores other mid-engine designs which Malcolm Sayer proposed, including after the XJ13 project was shelved. It also tells how the eventual production `flat head` V12 engine emerged from the original Baily/Heynes design (codenamed `XJ6`) which powered the XJ13, but which proved too bulky and complex for use in road Jaguars.

This is a detailed account of this extraordinary Le Mans Jaguar that is both technical enough to please the engineer, but also expressed in a way that even the layman can appreciate what it takes to design, build and test a sophisticated, 200mph+, V12-engined Le Mans car.



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